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Math Placement Test Exam Preparation

A preview Accuplacer computerized exam

Register for the exam. 

To prepare for the exam, students may wish to review study materials on reserve at the Library Circulation Desk under "Math Placement."  If a student needs the book for more than three (3) days, s/he must see the Library Circulation Supervisor. Please do not write in the books.

You are also free to use these websites, which may be of use in your preparations.  This site contains drills for algebra, arithmetic, and other helpful things for the exam.

911 math. 911 math is a program that students are able to download and try free for 30 days.  It has wonderful lessons, quizzes, and examples for all portions of the test (and beyond).  No game like graphics or animation--good review for all ages. - This site reviews from fractions to calculus, and offers interactive quizzes to help you on your way.  You can visit review pages and then test your knowledge in the quiz/exam base later.

Exercises for math readiness.  Provides a quick review of topics, followed by two pages of exercises.  Contains drills for basic arithmetic and elementary algebra.

Algebra Help Page.  For each topic, the author of this site has linked to lessons, tutorials, and worksheets across the web.