Tutoring Services

Is tutoring available for my course?

Tutoring is available for most 100 & 200 level courses, depending upon the availability of Peer Tutors. If you want to know if there is a Peer Tutor available for your course, contact Douglas Wandersee.

Walk-in tutoring for both math and writing are also available for all students: Math Lab | Writing Center

What type of tutoring is available?

Depending on the course and availability of Peer Tutors, tutoring is provided in walk-in, one-on-one, or study group basis. For more information, contact Douglas Wandersee.

How can students request tutoring?

Students can visit lss.edgewood.edu under Student Resources to find a Tutor Request Form. 

Why is there a deadline to request a tutor?

The last day to request a Peer Tutor, is a week after the last day to drop a class (about a month before the end of the semester). Tutoring services strives to help students become independent learners--part of that is helping students make responsible decisions regarding their academic coursework. While we are able to help someone who wishes to work on a class throughout the semester, tutoring is not as effective for damage control or last minute cramming.  Plus, Peer Tutors are students too, so this is also their busiest time.

I have a student who would be an exceptional tutor. What can I do?

Let Douglas Wandersee know in the Academic Success and Career Development Center! We always want to provide the best possible services for our students. You can also fill out our easy on-line form

Whom do you hire?

We look for students who received a “B” or better in the courses they wish to tutor and have a firm understanding of course content. We need students with good communication skills who can work with students with a variety of different needs. It is important that Peer Tutors are sensitive to the needs of all students and have confidence in their abilities. Patience is essential.

Are students paid to tutor?

Yes.  Peer Tutors are work study students and are paid the current work study rate.