Peer Tutoring

Due to Covid-19, all Peer Tutoring will take place virtually through the "Peer Tutoring & Math Lab" Team.  There's no need to request a tutor.  Simply Join Our Team to locate your class, tutor and their drop-in hours.  It's safe and convenient for you and your tutor!


Need a Tutor?

Peer Tutoring is a FREE service for all Edgewood College students enrolled in most 100 and 200 level courses during the Fall and Spring semesters.   

Be a Tutor?

If you received a B or higher in a particular course, and like to help other students, consider applying to be a Peer Tutor.  This is an excellent campus job with flexible hours that allows you to gain valuable work experience, practice the subject, and learn key people skills.  To get started: Become a Tutor.