Studium: Bridge ProgramĀ 

STUDIUM builds a foundation for incoming first year students that prepares them for rigorous learning and deeper connections in college and beyond.
Rooted in the tradition of the Dominican Studium, students will become a part of a community of learners that will integrate their intellectual, academic and liberal arts studies, with spiritual reflection and action on behalf of others.
STUDIUM is a college bridge program for incoming students at Edgewood College. It consists of three major components:
• Participate in a 4 day bridge program.
• Take college courses with other students from Studium
• Build a foundation that prepares you for rigorous learning and deeper connections in college and beyond.



Arrive on Campus before the rest of the Freshmen arrive. Familiarize yourself with your surroundings in a comfortable and welcoming environment. You will spend one day of the bridge program at a ropes course where you will challenge yourself in preparation for the year ahead.
All students in Studium will register for IC 110: On Course. This semester long course is designed to help you create greater success in college and in life. You will learn many proven strategies for creating greater academic, professional, and personal success.
Learning Outcomes
• Take charge of your life.
• Increase self-motivation.
• Improve personal self management.
• Develop interdependence.
• Increase self-awareness.
• Maximize your learning.
• Develop emotional intelligence.
• Raise your self-esteem.
• Write more effectively.
• Improve creative and critical thinking skills.
• Master effective study skills.
• Manage your money.
Bridge Program: Aug. 16-19, 2017
For an application to STUDIUM contact Karen Ball, 608 663-3210,
If accepted into the program there is a $225 fee that covers your room and board during the bridge program, supplies and your textbook for IC 110.
Applications are accepted until the program is full. Priority is given to students who show a commitment to learning and investing in their future.