Tutors Share Their Favorite Spots to Study at Edgewood...

The Stream 

"It’s really quiet, has great natural lighting, and a beautiful forest view out the back, which makes for a very peaceful and relaxing atmosphere." 

- Sara S. (Psychology & Spanish Tutor)

Upstairs in the Library

"One of my favorite study spots is upstairs in the library. It always has a great sunset for those late night studies and a great view of the lake!"

- Skyler C. (Biology Tutor)

Sonderegger Lounges

"They are convenient to meet with other students and the research posters remind me of what I should do to become a successful scientist."

- Haochen W. (Biology Tutor)  

The Boardwalk

"When it’s warm outside, my favorite is the boardwalk. It’s so relaxing to feel the sunshine and makes studying much more enjoyable!" 

- Kathleen P. (Statistics Course Coach)

The Math Lab

"I like studying in the Math Lab because of the whiteboard."

- Jacob V. (Problem Solving Course Coach)

The Nona

"I would say my favorite study spot to study on campus would be the Nona McGreal room. I love the natural lighting from all of the windows."

- Caila R. (Anatomy & Physiology Course Coach)

Dock Behind Mazzuchelli

"My favorite study spot is on the floating dock behind Mazzuchelli! It is very calming and I like to look at the fish when I am thinking about something."

- Rachael T. (Psychology Tutor)

Library Tables

"My favorite is the one right next to the giant window. The sun shines onto the desk. There are multiple outlets in case you need to charge your laptop, and there's a lamp for late nights." 

Brianna M. (Psychology & Philosophy Tutor)

Wingra Patio

"It’s nice to just be outside and be able to socialize with other people while also getting work done." 

Ashley M. (Music Tutor)