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Where to Study at Edgewood

For many college students, the residence hall room is the worst place to study because of distractions, i.e. stereo, roommates, etc.  The best place to study is a place where it is quiet and free from distractions. Your concentration, motivation, and efficiency will increase. In other words, more work will get done in less time in a quiet place.  Listed below are some of the best places to study at Edgewood.  Happy Studying!

Math Lab – Sonderegger 408

 The Math Lab has tables for individual study or for study groups.  A white board is available, along with scratch paper, resources, and other study necessities. 

Possible hazards:  There may be some noise when the high school students change classes.  


The library has tables and chairs throughout to camp out and study.  You are also located next to many of your research materials.  Computers are available for word processing and research.  Study group rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Possible Hazards:  Some of the chairs are very comfortable, and may induce sleeping…

Student Resource Center – DeRicci 206 

This is the area where you can find many of the student assistance offices on campus.  There are also tables and chairs available for quiet studying or study groups.

Possible Hazards:  If anyone is taking a test, you must be very quiet.  You also need to be prepared for traffic as people come to and from offices.

Math Department Lounge (aka the Math Cave) – Dominican Lower Level

There are tables, computers, and a few cozy chairs with a HUGE white board! Also, your math professors will be within arm’s reach.

Possible Hazards:  You have to walk ALL THE WAY up the hill...and the area is crowded.  In addition, students waiting to speak with professors will often wait at the tables.  The chairs are very comfortable, and therefore are not recommended if you are drowsy.

Language Lab – Third Floor DeRicci

The language lab is designed for students taking French or Spanish courses to listen to tapes and use other multimedia devices.  There are tables and chairs that can be easily used for study.

Possible Hazards:  If a professor has reserved this room, you may have to leave.  In addition, students may be working with cassettes, and speaking aloud. 

Predolin Commons 

Here you have a variety of tables and chairs, great for handling large numbers of people.

Possible Hazards:  Since it is conveniently located across from the Wingra CafĂ©, it is also the lunch hotspot for much of the campus.  During the day, it will be very noisy!

Sonderegger Foyers

In most of the foyers, nooks, and crannies in the science building, benches, chairs, or couches are available for quick study times.
Possible Hazards:  It can become very noisy when people are changing classes.

Sr. Nona McGreal Room – Third floor Predolin

This round room was set up as a contemplation and reflection space for students, faculty, and staff on campus.

Possible Hazards:  No food, no drink.  You’ll have to leave your snacks outside.  Since this space was designed as a reflective space, this would not be the ideal location for a rowdy study group.

DeRicci Gallery -- Second floor DeRicci, next to the Academic Dean's office.

This is the area where there is usually an art exhibit.  You can study by yourself in the cozy chairs, looking out the windows at the library.
Possible Hazards:  It isn't designed to be a meeting space; it's just a wide part of the hallway!  There are some chairs, but no tables.  You'll also have people just passing through to check out the artwork.

Natural Science Lounge -- Third Floor Sonderegger

The Natural Science Lounge has a wall of windows, allowing you to gaze across the parking lot or Lake Wingra.  There are tables and chairs that can easily be used for study groups.

Possible Hazards:  It is easy to become distracted by the fish tank, view, or other people hanging out between classes. 

Vilas Park – a five-minute walk from campus

If you like to study outdoors, this is the place to go!  You can sit on the grass or commandeer a picnic table.  You have the choice of studying near trees, open field, water, or the zoo.

Possible Hazards:  If it is a windy day, come prepared!  If you like to daydream, you may find that you get more dreaming done than actual work.  You should also beware of goose to Jim Lorman in Nat Sci for more details. 

Do you know of any other hot spots to study on campus?  If so, email, and your suggestions will be added.