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These folks can be classified into fact and theory groups.  Everybody is sensing sometimes and intuitive sometimes. Your preference for one or the other may be strong, moderate, or mild. To be effective as a learner and problem solver, you need to be able to function both ways. If you overemphasize intuition, you may miss important details or make careless mistakes in calculations or hands-on work; if you overemphasize sensing, you may rely too much on memorization and familiar methods and not concentrate enough on understanding and innovative thinking.  Read on to discover more.

Sensing Learners

  • Like facts and established methods of doing things
  • Good at memorizing detail
  • Patient
  • Good with facts
  • Prefer lab to lecture
  • Practical and careful
  • They are more apt to complain if material is on an exam that was not explicitly covered in class
  • They don’t want to see the material another way
  • Dislike surprises or twists to problems
  • Don’t like lectures without any connection to the real world
  • Dislikes abstract ideas and/or theory

Help Yourself

  • Connect problems to real world—use specific examples and applications
  • Organize facts into categories. Try to tie them in to specific themes.
  • Outline information
  • Use algorithmic ways of doing things


Intuitive Learners

  • Like to discover new ways, methods, and possibilities for material
  • Dislike repetition
  • Like innovation
  • Don’t like “plug n’ chug” problems
  • Tend to work faster
  • Don’t do enough practice problems because they get bored doing them
  • Tend not to check their work, as they will get bored the second time through
  • Prefer lecture to lab
  • Good with concepts, like mathematical abstraction or formulas
  • Learn theories and concepts much faster and better than memorizing facts

Help Yourself

  • Read the entire question for homework, exams, and quizzes
  • Check for careless mistakes
  • Find theories to link facts together, making them easier to learn
  • Classify facts into separate subheadings thematically—outline