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You’ve heard of “visual” and “auditory?”  This is just a variation on a theme.  Typically, people will fall into one category more strongly than the other. 

Visual Learners

  • Will remember what they see

 Help Yourself

  • Create pictures, diagrams, time lines, flowcharts, films, etc
  • Find or make pictures
  • Color code notes to connect topics
  • Study with a piece of paper and a pencil handy to write down ideas
  • Create concept maps—show connections
  • Outline information

Verbal Learners

  • Will remember what they hear

Help Yourself

  • Go to every lecture
  • Work in groups—listen to the other people speak
  • Study with a tape recorder to record ideas
  • Tape lectures
  • Read aloud
  • Summarize information in your own words
  • Teach the subject to someone else (even your plants!)
  • Tape vocabulary words.  Play them back to yourself later.

Not sure which one you are?  Find out using the Integrated Learning Styles Module.