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PPST Studying

There are numerous resources available to assist you with preparation for the Praxis testing series.  All of the following resources can be useful in your efforts towards preparing for the Praxis I.

  • Tests at a Glance:  These provide information on the type of material covered on the exams as well as sample test questions.
  • ETS  Praxis Series Study Guides can be purchased at:
  • Numerous study guides are available.  Some recommended guides can be found at: Oscar Rennebohm Library has study guides on reserve and many guides can be purchased at regular book stores.
  • Various free on-line practice tests and preparation materials are available.  These sites can help determine in which areas you may need additional practice.  Some recommended sites are:   (worth a look!)
  •  (a little over-the-top but helpful)
  • Various for-fee PPST preparation courses can be found on-line by doing a search.
  • Student Wisconsin Education Association is a professional organization worth joining.  PPST preparation workshops are often offered during their conferences:
  • ETS Praxis Diagnostic Preparation Program:  For candidates who must re-test.  Receive personalized feedback on your past performance and use the information to identify problem areas and target your study plan.  To order call 1-800-537-3161 or
  • After examining the Praxis I preparation and practice resources above, you will be able to identify specific areas/topics that may require further review.  After you have tried these resources, bring your review materials to the Math Lab or Writing Center.  They can look at what you've done and help you further review, based on your progress.