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Suggestions for Good Time Management

  • Study 2 hours for each 1 hour of class.
  • Plan goals for each study session - you will accomplish more.
  • Break hours of study down into 1-hour blocks per subject. Take short breaks.
  • Study after a lecture class.
  • Study before a recitation or lab class.
  • Sit at the same study area each day if possible.
  • Make use of any wasted time you find. Get proper rest.
  • Eat nutritious meals.
  • Plan for some flexibility if something unexpected arises.
  • Include your social life.
  • Put work hours and daily chores on your schedule.
  • Show how you usually plan your weekend.
  • Make an effort not to procrastinate when you know you should study. Try doing at least one part of the project. Plan also when you will do the rest.
  • Keep a calendar with you. Write down all appointments and other commitments that come up. Each evening refer to your calendar and think about your next day.
  • Make an attempt to do the most important items that day.